1. What is GiveBit?
    1. GiveBit is a fundraising tool for the new social age. We capture and convert social media interactions into donations for charity.
  2. Why should I donate through GiveBit?
    1. GiveBit is the simplest way to support causes you care about on social media. It also allows you to empower your social network to do the same. When you re-tweet to donate, your social network hears about it, and may do the same. When they re-tweet to donate their network hears about it, and they may do the same. Well..I'm sure you get the idea!
  3. How much does it cost?
    1. We charge an admin fee of 5% on top of your pledge. So for every £1 pledge you make, the charity you’re supporting receives 100% of it. We charge you 5p on top of that.
  4. What about gift aid?
    1. We need to have paid a certain level of tax before claiming gift aid on donations. We’re not quite there yet, but hopefully soon!
  5. How does the donation processing work?
    1. When signing up we’ll ask you for your twitter ID and to register with GoCardless. You will not need to enter you bank details again anywhere else. When you re-tweet one of our charity tweets we’ll log that information, and send you a summary of all the charities you’ve supported in the month. The payment is then taken from your account on the date specified in the email.
  6. What happens if I re-tweet a campaign by accident?
    1. Always review your monthly summary from GiveBit to ensure you’re happy with the pledges made. If some campaigns were re-tweeted by accident, simply email us via the link in your email and we’ll sort it out.
  7. Why has my pledge not been recognised? I didn't get a monthly summary?
    1. If you’re twitter account is private unfortunately we cannot process your donation. We’re working on a solution for this.


  1. How much does it cost?
    1. It’s absolutely free for charities. We do not charge monthly subscriptions or admin fees. Charities also receive 100% of what has been pledged by the donors.
  2. How do I sign up my charity?
    1. Just click here to get started
  3. When do we receive the money?
    1. We send the donations collected on an agreed date once a month.
  4. We only have a handful of followers on Twitter, should we bother?
    1. Yes absolutely! By signing up with GiveBit you are joining a community of donors who are interested in supporting causes. GiveBit will hopefully allow you to amplify your message and gain more followers.