About Us

GiveBit is a platform that enables donors to give as little as £1 to causes through social media. We aim to inspire generosity and intentional giving by breaking down the traditional barriers to giving, through our platforms simplicity and low value point donation.

Changing attidues towards charities and giving has seen people increasingly engage with charities via social media by sharing and liking content, resulting in growing social media awareness but fewer donations.

GiveBit allows the new age donor to easily give to causes they care about without leaving social media at the point where they are moved by the content.

We believe that today’s connected generation can leverage technology and new media to help create a better world. Social media provides the perfect platform to mobilise your network and support causes that matter to you. Through one small action on GiveBit you can kickstart change for good in your community and wider society.

Our Values
We are a for profit with purpose company. 100% of your donation goes to charity. We charge a small fee on top of your donation that we invest into new tools to enhance the giving process.
We want to empower this connected generation to leverage technology and new media to help create a better world.
Our mission is to make giving a daily habit and enable social change through new media.